1science has for many years dedicated a great deal of effort to finding openly accessible versions of scientific papers published in peer-reviewed journals.

With all the knowledge we have harvested through the years since our creation, we asked ourselves: how could we make a difference?

We thought of malaria as a natural application for a self-managing repository software. Using our 1foldr Hub technology, a unique self-populating, self-updating repository solution, we have the capacity to create thematic and institutional virtual repositories, on any field of research.

With that in mind, our team of bibliometric and library science experts searched our database of 90 million scholarly articles and our list of 87,000 academic and scientific journals for papers related to malaria research. We ended up with 190,000 bibliographic records, 80,000 of which are available in open access, meaning they can be legally downloaded from the repository we have created.

We hope that the organizations working towards the eradication of this deadly disease will benefit from the International Repository of Malaria Research. We also hope that stakeholders in other fields of research will be inspired to utilize the underlying 1foldr Hub technology to create their own knowledge hub.

This initiative is in line with the inclusive character of 1science. We design products that are relevant to scientists and analysts worldwide and we care specifically for the needs of the Global South. Our aim is to be inclusive of high-quality knowledge produced everywhere and in all fields of academia, science, and technology.

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