Frequently Asked Questions

Provided your journals have an editorial board and a rigorous peer-review process in place, and these journals concentrate on scholarly content and/or scientific or technological research, we will certainly be glad to index them. If your journals are produced in English or in any other languages used on Earth at one time or another, feel welcome to contact us. We are open, we are the world. Contact us at
1findr is a comprehensive Abstracting, Indexing and Analytics (AI&A) system for research papers published in peer-reviewed journals in all fields, all languages and from all over the world. 1findr was designed from the ground up to around a modern link-resolver, oaFindr, which finds free versions of articles, thus providing incredible value compared to traditional AI&A systems.
Subscriptions are currently available at the institutional level. Please contact your library or documentation center if you have an interest in one of our products.
1findr is designed from the ground up to become the leading-edge Abstracting, Indexing and Analytics (AI&A) product for analysts, researchers, students and librarians.
1findr is the first database to proudly and obstinately aim to index all articles published in peer-reviewed journals in the world. 1findr is a comprehensive database that covers the arts, humanities, applied sciences, engineering and technology, behavioral sciences, health sciences, natural sciences, and social sciences. We are the world.
Our products are designed to be immediately useful for users in universities and colleges, government, hospitals and clinics, NGOs, research centers and companies. If you are a proponent of evidence-based decision-making, you are a potential user for our products.
1figr Subscription was designed to optimize budget by enabling institutions to subscribe to the most useful journals, including adding new subscriptions and knowing how patrons use open access journals. We built 1figr to help librarians and documentation center specialists find which journals present interest for their researchers. This means librarians can save money by pruning journals that are not currently being used by their patrons. 1figr goes beyond cost per download because it considers which journals are published in and which journals are cited by an institution's researchers. See:
Users of 1findr can save money as it costs only a fraction of other mainstream, commercial Abstracting, Indexing and Analytics (AI&A) solutions. Importantly, 1findr was designed from the ground up around a modern link resolver that points to freely available versions of the literature. Before 1findr, expanding access to the peer-reviewed literature used to cost a fortune. Once acquired, 1findr radically grows your collection at no additional cost, and you can save a bunch by switching from your traditional overpriced AI&A vendor to 1science's 1findr.
1science was designed from the ground up by experts in bibliometrics. Curation is key here, though we humbly recognize we still have a long way to go to accomplish our goal to offer the most rigorous bibliographic and bibliometric data in the industry. Unlike others whose vision is solely profit maximization at the cost of quality and innovation, we're here to build stunningly useful and innovative solutions for our users. Another key differentiating aspect is our goal to offer comprehensive indexing of peer-reviewed journals. Other Abstracting, Indexing and Analytics (AI&A) solutions focus on elite science, especially research produced in the natural and health sciences, and that produced in Western countries. Our aim is to be inclusive of high-quality knowledge diffused in all fields of academia, science, and technology, provided it's published in peer-reviewed journals. In many research projects, having exhaustive access is decidedly more important than being aware of only the truly exceptional.
The Institutional edition of 1findr is integrated with EDS, Summon, Primo, Alma, and OCLC discovery solutions.
Google Scholar is a great product, but it is not curated and is a big black box. In 1findr, researchers do not have to sift through pages of irrelevant material to retrieve just a few high-quality papers. We want to make sure researchers, students and librarians can do their work swiftly and effectively. We are not so concerned about vanity metrics. We want to build analytics and metrics that analysts, decision-makers and researchers can rely on.
We have a tiered pricing model that fairly reflects usage and payment capacity in small, medium and large institutions. Please contact us at to discuss your specific needs.
1science is a spin-off of Science-Metrix, which specializes in research evaluation and bibliometrics. Since 2002, Science-Metrix has completed over 450 studies for clients such as the European Commission, the US National Science Foundation, the African Observatory for Science, Technology and Innovation, and most of the Canadian science-based government departments. In addition to the 25 staff at Science-Metrix, the 1science team has a staff of 10.

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