On August 7, 2017

What sets you apart from the competition?

1science was designed from the ground up by experts in bibliometrics. Curation is key here, though we humbly recognize we still have a long way to go to accomplish our goal to offer the most rigorous bibliographic and bibliometric data in the industry. Unlike others whose vision is solely profit maximization at the cost of quality and innovation, we’re here to build stunningly useful and innovative solutions for our users.

Another key differentiating aspect is our goal to offer comprehensive indexing of peer-reviewed journals. Other Abstracting, Indexing and Analytics (AI&A) solutions focus on elite science, especially research produced in the natural and health sciences, and that produced in Western countries. Our aim is to be inclusive of high-quality knowledge diffused in all fields of academia, science, and technology, provided it’s published in peer-reviewed journals. In many research projects, having exhaustive access is decidedly more important than being aware of only the truly exceptional.

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