After careful review of the usage and adoption of the 1findr and 1foldr products, Elsevier has decided to discontinue both products and to further focus on improving the user experience of more highly-used resources. These products are no longer available. Please consult Mendeley or Scopus to continue to access high quality, relevant research articles published in peer reviewed journals.

1foldr | 1foldr – 1science


INCREASE the visibility of your institution’s publications


DEMONSTRATE your organization’s willingness to comply with OA mandates


FACILITATE the contribution of your researchers to open access – they can self-archive anywhere!


Create a SELF-POPULATING IR with 1foldr Hub or use 1foldr Data to quickly fill your own IR

Thank you for producing the 1foldr Data report, it has really provided us a lot of useful extra data for our repository work and for the  Excellence in Research for Australia.”  Manager | Research (Library) | Australia

1foldr comes in two distinct flavors:

  • 1foldr Hub is the only self-populating, self-updating repository solution on the market
  • 1foldr Data conveniently delivers metadata, links to OA papers, and tools to download papers and upload data

Both 1foldr Hub and 1foldr Data cost-effectively seek and find the majority of green and gold open access papers published by your researchers in peer-reviewed journals, wherever on the Internet they are archived.

With 1foldr, you can concentrate on filling the gaps.

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