INCREASE the visibility of your institution’s publications


DEMONSTRATE your organization’s willingness to comply with OA mandates


FACILITATE the contribution of your researchers to open access – they can self-archive anywhere!


Create a SELF-POPULATING IR with 1foldr Hub or use 1foldr Data to quickly fill your own IR

Thank you for producing the 1foldr Data report, it has really provided us a lot of useful extra data for our repository work and for the  Excellence in Research for Australia.”  Manager | Research (Library) | Australia

1foldr comes in two distinct flavors:

  • 1foldr Hub is the only self-populating, self-updating repository solution on the market
  • 1foldr Data conveniently delivers metadata, links to OA papers, and tools to download papers and upload data

Both 1foldr Hub and 1foldr Data cost-effectively seek and find the majority of green and gold open access papers published by your researchers in peer-reviewed journals, wherever on the Internet they are archived.

With 1foldr, you can concentrate on filling the gaps.

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