Our Team


Dr. Eric Archambault


Eric Archambault is an expert in R&D, innovation measurement and evaluation techniques. Science-Metrix, the sister company of 1science founded by Eric and his business partner Grégoire Côté in 2002.  Using a unique mix of innovative and best-practice quantitative and qualitative research methods, Science-Metrix has gained international recognition in the use of bibliometric indicators and big data analytics.

Prior to founding Science-Metrix, Eric was an associate researcher at the Institut national de la recherche scientifique, a lecturer at Concordia University and, while still a student, a research assistant at the Science Policy Research Unit (University of Sussex, England) and the Science Council of Canada. Eric has been immersed in the world of R&D and innovation for 25 years, starting with his degree in Science, technologie et société (UQAM, 1987–1989), followed by a master's in Science, Technology and Industrialisation (Sussex, 1990–1991) and a PhD in Science and Technology Policy Studies (Sussex, 1991–1996).