Our Team


Dr. Eric Archambault


Eric Archambault is one of the world's top experts in R&D, innovation measurement and evaluation techniques. Science-Metrix, the parent company of 1science founded by Eric and his business partner Grégoire Côté, has gained international recognition by providing customized services in performance measurement and program evaluation using advanced bibliometric indicators and big data analytics and by presenting a unique mix of innovative and best-practice quantitative and qualitative research methods.

Prior to founding Science-Metrix, Eric was an associate researcher at the Institut national de la recherche scientifique, a lecturer at Concordia University and, while still a student, a research assistant at the Science Policy Research Unit (University of Sussex, England) and the Science Council of Canada. Eric has been immersed in the world of R&D and innovation for 25 years, starting with his degree in Science, technologie et société (UQAM, 1987–1989), followed by a master's in Science, Technology and Industrialisation (Sussex, 1990–1991) and a PhD in Science and Technology Policy Studies (Sussex, 1991–1996).

Scott Bard

VP Business Development

Scott is the Vice President Business Development at 1science, where he focuses on the strategic development of 1science's product and service and the value they bring to academic institutions. Scott leads and develops client relationships, product initiatives, and the international sales strategy. He has spent the last 30 years working with academic institutions and governmental agencies around the world, both as an account manager and the leader of an international sales team, with a particular focus on information discovery, research performance and bibliometric analysis. Scott holds a degree in Marketing & Finance from Temple University. Prior to joining the 1science team, Scott spent a lot of years working at the Institute for Scientific Information working with academic, government and non-profit institutions in a number of sales positions including VP of Sales for the SSR division of Thomson Reuters for the Americas.

Mathieu Lampron

VP Product

Mathieu is a seasoned product manager with more than 12 years of experience. Having developed several solutions for high-profile media outlets, Mathieu brings to the 1science team hands-on know-how in the tech start-up arena. Prior to joining the 1science team, Mathieu was chief of operations at Woozwold, a virtual world and social network for teens and pre-teens with more than 25 million followers. He has an enviable track record in managing the development of high-quality products for organizations such as CBC, Radio-Canada, Hydro-Québec, Bayard, PBS, Nelvana, Cookie Jar and Wajam, and implementing flexible, efficient processes to deliver on time. Mathieu holds a degree in Electrical Engineering from Montreal's École Polytechnique. As 1science's VP Product, he plays a central role in defining the end product and its features according to the client's vision and user needs.