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We offer oaFigr Subscriptions and oaFigr Institutions reports.

As universities are faced with static or declining budgets, it is more important than ever to make the right decisions regarding your holdings, and to ensure your library has the proper acquisition mix. As part of the oaFigr Subscription service, we will perform a bibliographic analysis of your university's active journal subscriptions by determining, for each journal, what proportion of the journal's articles are available in open access. The report will look at which journals your authors are publishing in over time and analyze which journals your authors are citing. These measures, combined with journal impact metrics, will provide robust decision-making aids for librarians, from helping to inform journal cancellation and new subscription decisions to quantifying an institution's research and publishing trends.

oaFigr Institution service provides data on the scientific publications of a university, the scientific impact of this production based on citation analysis, and the capacity to publish in highly cited journals, as well as which sectors are growing compared to the world front.

Libraries increasingly play a pivotal role in providing metrics on the scientific production of universities. These data are not only useful to inform strategic planning at the university level, they are also key to managing subscriptions by ascertaining that a library's strength is optimally aligned with that of its university.

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